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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

I have Gift Certificates available for sale in whatever denomination you request.  They are good for any service I provide, or any product I sell (other than online gift shop). I can email it to you in jpeg format, and/or mail you the hard copy.  It becomes activated once payment is received in the mail, or by credit card over the phone/e-mail. 

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Piano Accessories

Benches & Stools

Time to replace your bench or stool? Or just wanting something different? With a variety of options to choose from, the perfect seat is just around the corner. 

Quiet Keys Kit & Installation

A vertical piano mute system, reducing volume by approximately 75% without affecting pitch. 

Pedal Extension Box

For young pianists who cannot yet reach the pedals, this high quality, rugged, and well-designed extension box simply pushes into place at the piano pedals when it is needed. Not permanently mounted.

Piano Dolly

Moving a piano is hard work. If you have to move your piano around frequently, a dolly will make this task not only easier on you, but eaiser on your piano.  Let's find the right one for your piano!

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Offering a variety of my hand picked piano accessories. 

Damp-Chaser & Installation

The Piano Life Saver is a piano humidity control System.

As a fundamental component of complete piano care, it protects your piano from the undesirable effects of extreme or fluctuating humidity levels. The Piano Life Saver System will enable your instrument to maintain proper pitch between tunings and protect the myriad of tiny wooden parts that make up a piano. A stable piano will be more enjoyable to play and listen to while rewarding your fingers with a consistent, proper touch.

Piano Covers

Protect your investment in your instrument. Find a cover with an exact fit for your piano. 

Cory's Ultimate Care Kit

Take care of your piano with Cory's Ultimate Care Kit.

  • Includes four excellent products for piano cleaning and care

  • Everything you need to keep your piano exterior looking like new!

  • The perfect gift for piano teachers and piano enthusiasist

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Caster Cups

Have hard floors and tired of your piano moving around? Try these Caster Cups! Just place under your pianos casters and done! Problem solved! 

Sheet Music Cabinets

Looking for a cabinet to store your sheet music? With a variety of cabinets to choose from, we'll find the perfect one to suit your needs.

Piano Locks

Wanting to have the ability to lock down your keyboard? We offer a variety of locking systems to fit your needs. 

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If you are having trouble finding just the right gift for that hard to buy for person, I have designed gifts especially for the piano lover in your life.  

Pianoforte Tote Bag


I'm a Player! T-Shirt


Tune It or Die! T-shirt


Piano Forte T-shirt


I'm a Player! Top


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Grand Piano Wall Clock


I'm a Player Pajamas


Future Piano Player


Future Piano Player Bib


Piano Forte Pajamas


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